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Student Testimonials

Saving Grades Since 2010

At Science Guyz, students are family. 

Hear from some of our former students to understand why
we have been awarded Best Tutoring Center in Athens & Georgia.



3rd year UGA student

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Pre-Med intent

Science Guyz has really helped me to make awesome grades in my science classes. Science classes at UGA are difficult, especially when you are taking more than one at a time, but I feel like SG really helped me pace myself and get the grades I wanted in these classes. I have used SG for BIOL 1107, 1108, and CHEM 1211, 1212, and 2211. 

In general, the material is taught really quickly for these classes, and sometimes I felt like I was missing concepts or could not understand the concept that the teacher was explaining. SG’s videos went over every concept I needed to know and thoroughly explained it through multiple examples. I felt extremely prepared for each of my tests and knew the concepts so much better than I would have if I didn’t use SG. My favorite part of SG is definitely the office hours and private tutoring appointments. The tutors made the topics of my various science classes interesting to learn and went over each of the concepts with me until I fully understood them. I have learned so much from every tutor that I have had and it truly helped me so much to get As in my science classes. 



2nd year UGA student

Pre-Med intent

I first came to Science Guyz after withdrawing from General Chemistry I. The science classes at UGA are challenging and I felt that I needed additional help to get into the groove of things. I decided to give Science Guyz a try and ended up getting A’s in the rest of my pre-medical classes! I used their services for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. I attribute much of my success to Science Guyz and know I would not have gotten the grades I did without them. The video packets helped my understanding by hammering home essential concepts with in depth examples. The best part about Science Guyz is their office hours and welcoming staff! After reviewing content, office hours cleared up any questions I had on the material and prepared me well for upcoming exams. The tutors are very patient and know the material inside and out. I really felt that I had an edge over my classmates who didn’t use Science Guyz.



2020 UGA Alumna | Agricultural Communications

Career: University of Georgia Office of Government Relations

I used Science Guyz for CHEM 1211! I am not a science-minded student, so Science Guyz was incredibly helpful as I took CHEM 1211, a required course for my agricultural communication major. I appreciate the comprehensive packets and videos that helped me understand material that I had a hard time understanding in my lecture class by explaining it in a different way and providing tips for solving problems. As a full-time student that spent non-class business hours working, it was sometimes difficult for me to get to the office to watch videos. Thankfully, SG offers late hours and after-hour parking, and it really helped me successfully complete my course. I am very thankful for Science Guyz!



1st year UGA student

Major: Microbiology and English with a Pre-Med intent

I used Science Guyz for my Organic Chemistry I class. This is my first year in college, summer immediately following high school graduation to be exact! I took OChem first (after 67 credit hours of dual enrollment) in efforts to "adjust” to UGA rigor courses. I had been told by my advisor that I should have waited to take general chemistry until I was at UGA, and that taking it at a different college was going to make OChem at UGA impossible for me; worried was a far understatement!I was not prepared for UGA style of chemistry, & SG helped me so much. My goal is to go to medical school and spend my life working with medically under-served communities. On my first OChem exam I made an A, & I am hopeful for the exams to come! Thanks to Science Guyz, the white coat is starting to feel so realistic! The price feels a bit steep at first glance, but it is so worth the in-depth instruction you receive. Their level of commitment and devotion to each student is at a level far beyond a typical lecture format. I for sure recommend them to anyone.



3rd year UGA student

Major: Biology with a Pre-Med intent

As an incoming freshman majoring in biology, the thought of taking numerous science classes terrified me. Countless upperclassmen recommended Science Guyz, and I am so grateful they did! I have used Science Guyz for Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry and will continue to use them for my remaining science courses. The staff is one of a kind and always there to help whether it be for a private tutoring session or to ask a simple question during office hours. Office hours are perfect for mastering a topic or even asking last-minute questions before a big test. This is my favorite part about Science Guyz because it is so easy to stop in and ask that one question that you can’t seem to figure out (plus they are held 4 nights a week). I owe a lot of my success in my science courses to Science Guyz. My goal was to make As in my science classes, and Science Guyz has helped me achieve that. It is so rewarding to come in after a big test with good news that you aced it! I would definitely recommend SG to everyone!



4th year UGA student

Major: Biology with a Pre-Med intent

Without Science Guyz, I'm not sure how I would have fared through the challenging core science classes that UGA offers. With their help, I was able to make As in Gen Chem 1 and 2,

OChem 1 and 2, Physics 1 and 2, and Genetics. The part that I liked the most about Science Guyz was the fact that I was able to study at my own convenience throughout the week, with relatively quick videos which covered each and every topic that was covered over weeks of classes. I work in a UGA Research Lab working with virus transmission between insects, 

I volunteer at Piedmont Hospital, and I am working on shadowing physicians, therefore I have had little time to study in college. The videos were clear and concise, and always offered the quickest and most efficient ways of reaching an answer, which is vital on core science tests.

I highly recommend using Science Guyz if you are a science major or are taking required

science classes for an alternate major, as it made my life much easier through tough semesters.



4th year UGA student

Major: Biology

I have used SG for almost 3 years now, in subjects such as General, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. Now as a graduating senior this Fall, I plan to use SG again for my Physics II class.

I highly recommend utilizing Science Guyz's semester plans, which include private office hours, regularly updated course packets, and thorough exam reviews. Although exam / chapter reviews are extensively informational, in my experience, I find office hours with SG tutors to be the most beneficial for my learning style, which is to attend class, jot down lecture / textbook practice questions, then consult SG tutors for a comprehensive, in-depth, and detailed understanding of a topic. The tutors are generally very knowledge in their subject fields, patient with my incessant questions, and well-trained in explaining material in understandable, simple, and digestive ways.

With consistent, smart and hard work, numerous office visits to SG on a weekly basis, and most
importantly, with the continuous support from SG faculty, I became very knowledgeable in Organic Chemistry, scoring perfect scores on both Orgo finals and even becoming a Milledge tutor at the UGA academic center! My success at UGA and in science classes would not have been possible without the team at SG, who provided immense hope when I felt discouraged in learning.

unnamed (1).jpg


4th year UGA student

Major: Biological Sciences

Without Science Guyz I would not be as successful as I am today. I have used all the Chemistry packets from SG including General Chemistry 1, General Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry 1, and Organic Chemistry 2. Without those packets, the tutors, and the very helpful videos, I would have struggled immensely in all four of those classes. I remember after my classes, I would head downtown to Science Guyz and the front desk staff were always so welcoming no matter the hour or the day. It was really refreshing to have such a high level of comfort when asking numerous questions to tutors without feeling intimidated or feeling like I was annoying. However, what I like the most about Science Guyz is the flexibility I have to come to their office no matter the number of hours I spend asking questions or the number of times I rewind videos. Overall, my time spent at Science Guyz has helped me academically in that I am more confident in my thought process, how I solve problems, and being ahead of the class schedule. Now I can move on to other science courses with the confidence to use the skills I learned at SG. Thanks, Science Guyz!



2nd year UGA student

Major: Biological Sciences

Coming to UGA as a freshman majoring in Biological Sciences I was not worried about being homesick or not being able to make friends. Instead, I was worried about the infamous UGA chemistry classes. After asking multiple people about tutors, everyone suggested that I go to Science Guyz. I quickly signed up for a private tutor session since they did not have a semester plan for Chem 1210 at the time. After successfully finishing 1210, I went back to Science Guyz and purchased the Chem 1211 semester plan. Science Guyz not only teaches you each chapter’s content but helps you focus on tested material. My favorite thing about Science Guyz is the staff. Every time I walk in the door I am greeted by a smiling face and asked if I need anything. I think of the Science Guyz as my tutors, friends, and the key to being successful in UGA’s science classes.


Grace Hannah

3rd year UGA student

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Pre-Dental intent

Upon coming to UGA, I knew what career path I wanted to take and that it would require many rigorous sciences courses over the years. At the time, the thought of this was very overwhelming and I remember being so nervous to start my classes. However, numerous people were quick to recommend that I give Science Guyz a shot and I am so grateful that I did! Thus far I have used the semester plan at SG for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biology, and I will continue to do so for any remaining science courses I must take. I can’t imagine surviving any of these courses without the help of Science Guyz - they truly are unmatched. There has never been a time where the staff did not go above and beyond to make sure I was a top priority. I think this is one of the reasons I like SG so much because they want you to succeed. Each staff member has been in our shoes and can relate to us, so when I ask a question in office hours or private tutoring I know that they are going to make sure I understand it and can apply it no matter how it will be asked, and by the time I come back they always check in to see how my test went! Science Guyz has been a huge part of my success in these rigorous science courses, and I can’t recommend them enough to any student who finds themselves in the same position that we were once in.



2nd year UGA student

Major: Psychology with a Pre-Med intent

Before I even stepped foot on UGA’s campus many students that I talked to warned me about the difficulty of sciences at UGA. Fortunately, some of those same students recommended Science Guyz to me. They told me that the sciences are tough at UGA but Science Guyz makes it doable. And, after 2 semesters with Science Guyz, I wholeheartedly agree.

I started taking sciences at UGA my second semester of college. I took CHEM 1211 and BIO 1107 together. I was very afraid of taking two sciences at one time, but Science Guyz helped tremendously. From the workshops to the office hours to the exam reviews, they really try to help you succeed. Personally, my favorite part about Science Guyz for CHEM 1211 and CHEM 1212 are the workshops. General Chemistry at UGA is flipped classroom, so you as the student are responsible for learning all the material before you come to class. When I first learned about this it seemed impossible that I, as a student, would be able to teach myself all the material. But, with Science Guyz, it’s more than possible because their workshops cover everything you need to know for the exams. I also love that the workshops go over only what’s going to be on the exams, whereas our textbook went over a plethora of topics that were not on the exams. For BIO 1107, my favorite part was the office hours. The tutors are very knowledgeable and help break down the biology concepts to a level at which anyone can understand. All in all, I highly recommend Science Guyz and I will continue to use it throughout my time at UGA.



3rd year UGA student

Major: Biology and Psychology with a Pre-Dental intent

I used Science Guyz for three semesters when I took both general chemistry courses and then the first organic chemistry class. I do not think I could have gotten through chemistry at Georgia without them. The videos, packets, and office hours were a great way for me to study and learn. The tutors are very kind and knowledgeable on the topics and subjects. They work hard to get as much information from the class and professor, which is very beneficial to the students. Their office hours with the semester plans are also very convenient!



3rd year UGA student

Career goal: Certified Anesthesiology Assistant

I have used Science Guyz for CHEM 1211 and CHEM 1212. Science Guyz is by far the best tutoring resource for science classes. I bumped my grade from almost failing to a B in CHEM 1211, and kept a consistent A in CHEM 1212 with their help. While it does take some work outside of SG, like taking notes in class and reading the chapters, their chapter videos made every topic I was confused about totally clear. They are always willing to help and they understand how hard these classes can be. If you have the time, use them!



2nd year UGA student

Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences with Pre-Med Intent

I think that science classes at UGA are pretty rigorous compared to other classes offered on campus. Using Science Guyz as a supplement helps tremendously when you're studying for your science classes. I think that one of the best things Science Guyz has to offer is their mock exams, these practice exams are often times very similar to the actual exams we take in class and they are great practice. The chapter workshops and practice sets are also a great way to get a good understanding of the material that we are learning in class. With the help of Science Guyz I was able to make A's in Chem 1211, 1212 and Biol 1107. I plan on using Science Guyz for the rest of my science classes as well.



2nd year UGA student

Pre-Med intent

I used Science Guyz for Organic Chem 2211, and it helped me tremendously in getting an A in the class. I was able to learn all the content from the workshops ahead of class, which allowed me to stay ahead and be prepared for the exams. Office hours were also super helpful in clearing up any questions I had before a test. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone looking to do well in organic chemistry to purchase the semester plan.

From Our Google Reviews

"I’ve been coming here since I was in  Freshmen Chem 1 and now I’m about to be in Ochem 2. I really struggled with Chem when I first got here and thought of changing my major like most people do. But SG has made my goals attainable. Totally worth every dollar. I can’t thank them enough. It’s a no brainer. I’ve haven't met one person I recommended it too who regretted it."
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