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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come into the store to pick up my packets?

Yes, all purchased packets must be picked up at our store during business hours. You can find our hours either on our Calendar or under Directions & Hours. We do not release PDFs of our materials under any circumstances.

When is X packet coming out?

If  you are on our Semester Plan, you will receive an email every Sunday detailing the new releases of that week. If you can't find what you are looking for via email, check out our Calendar! It features all of our planned release dates for the semester. 

Please note that the calendar is subject to change depending on lecture speed.

I am interested in tutoring for a class not shown on your website. Can you help me still?

We cannot answer this question without seeing what you are learning in class! If you would like to explore your options for tutoring in another course, please send us a copy of your course syllabus. The two pieces of information that we look for in these syllabi are (1) the textbook being used, and (2) the course coverage schedule.

I lost my packet. Can I get a replacement?

We understand that packets can go missing and that our front desk staff can make errors when handing out packets, which is why we allow each student on Semester Plan two replacement packets per semester.


Once the two replacements have been given, we are unable to offer any additional replacement packets. We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

Can I pick up my products the same day that I purchase them?

Yes! If you buy an individual product, you can come in on the same day to pick it up. For semester plans, you will be able to pick up what has been released so far.

How can I purchase the Semester Plan or individual products?

There are two options for purchasing semester plans and/or individual products. You can purchase each of these products in-store or online through our website. No matter what way you purchase these products, you must physically come into the store to pick up your packets.

Can I pick up my friends packets, too?

Yes, we allow students to pick up packets for themselves and up to three friends. When you arrive to pick up your packets, we will ask you to fill out a form confirming that you picked up for your friends. 

Where can I park when I come pick up my packets?

Parking information can be found on our Directions & Hours page.

When & where are Office Hours for my class?

All Office Hours times and locations are posted on our Calendar. If the session is being held over Zoom, you will be emailed the link at the beginning of the session.

How do I book a Private Tutor?

Private tutoring can be booked here. You can select for a specific course, tutor, and date! Sessions must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. Our advice is to book your sessions 2 - 3 weeks ahead of time as our tutors get filled up very quickly, especially around exam times.

What do I do if I end up dropping my class and no longer need a Semester Plan?

If you decide to withdraw from a class, we offer students the opportunity to request a transfer or refund for their semester plan depending if you plan to retake the course or not. There is a deadline of one week after UGA’s withdrawal deadline to request a transfer or refund of your semester plan. Specific details of our policy and request forms can be found here.

Can I get an individual Workshop, Mock Exam, or Exam Review if
I am not on Semester Plan?

Yes! Students can purchase individual workshops, mock exams, and exam reviews separately. You will have one week of access to the streaming website in order to view the corresponding content video. You can purchase online or in-store, but physical packets must be picked up in our store during our hours of operation.

Why are the packets red?

There are two reasons why we use red paper for our packets: 

The first is branding. By now, if you see a red packet on campus, you know it's us. If we change our paper color to white, we lose that brand recognition. 

However, the original reason that we started using red paper is because it is one of the only colors that is not able to be photocopied. Being a small business, we have to protect our materials from theft from other students or competing tutoring companies. 

Oops! I bought a video for the wrong class on Vimeo. How can I receive access to the correct video?

Before you buy the correct product, please try reaching out via email to us first. It is very simple for us to switch your access to the correct product. However, in the case that you cannot wait and you buy both, we do not have authorization to process refunds on purchases made via Vimeo. You will have to contact

Vimeo support to receive a refund. 

What chapters are on my upcoming exam?

While we pride ourselves in staying in the loop for your class coverage, this is a question we don’t always know the answer to. It is best to ask your professor.

I have a question from something in class/in the packets/in the homework. Can I email you for the answer?

Due to the high volume of emails that we receive on a daily basis, we cannot respond to content questions via email. Instead, make a list of questions and bring them to Office Hours! We would be happy to answer any questions there.

Are you affiliated with the University of Georgia?

No, we are an independent company serving students from several universities. Tell your friends about us! 

Can I split my Semester Plan with a friend?

Our Plans are intended for a single student only and we have implemented safe guards to protect against account sharing. If your login is used on more than one I.P. address, our streaming website will automatically block your login attempt and you will have to contact us to unlock your account.

Did we miss something?

If you have a question that did not get answered here, please email us!

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