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Transfers & Refunds

We gladly accept transfer requests from our Semester Plan students; however, these are only available to students who have withdrawn from the course or are retaking the course for a better grade.


Our refund policy is provided below as well, along with important dates regarding partial refunds.

Please see below for specifics about both options.

Transferring Your Semester Plan

For our students who require extra time to complete a course, we offer a transfer option for the Semester Plan. We recommend this option if you withdrew and are planning on retaking the course or are retaking the course later for a better grade. 


The transfer exists as a single-use credit, which gives the student access to a full Semester Plan for the course at any time in the future without having to repurchase the plan at full cost. Please note that while the transfer-credit reactivates your Semester Plan, access to Semester Plan upgrades such as Flash Cardz will have to be repurchased separately if desired.


The deadline for transfer requests is one week after the university withdrawal deadline if you have withdrawn from your corresponding Semester Plan course. If you are retaking the course for a better grade, that request must be made within 6 months after the initial completion of the course. Any transfer requests submitted outside of these time frames will not be honored. 


To activate your transfer credit, we will contact you by email shortly before the semester begins to confirm your enrollment and invoice the administrative fee of $25 required to reactivate your plan. Transfer credits must be redeemed within four semesters (Fall/Spring) of the initial transfer request.

*Please note that if there is a pricing difference between the semester you purchased and the semester your plan is transferred to, you will have to pay the difference in price between the two plans in addition to the transfer fee. 

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SUMMER 2024 TRANSFERS: All unused packets MUST be returned before a transfer is granted. If the unused packets are not returned by the end of day July 10th, no transfer will be granted.

Partial Refunds For Your Semester Plan

Please note that full refunds are available within 48 hours of the initial purchase (if no packets were picked up) regardless if the student withdrew from the class or not. After this time the standard refund policy outlined below applies.


Our partial refund policy only applies if you have dropped the course that you are enrolled in our semester plan for. The amount of your refund will depend on the date on which the partial refund request was made. It is not based on the date that you withdrew from the course, so it is very important that you make the request as soon as possible. It is also not based on which packets you picked up, but rather on releases made on the streaming site.

Please note that partial refunds are not possible if you transfer your semester plan to a different semester and your account is reactivated.

If you have made a transfer request and are now wanting a partial refund, that request must be made within 1 year of the original transfer request.


The breakdown of the partial refund amounts based on the date of the refund form submission can be found here for each class.

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