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Established in 2010, Science Guyz is an award-winning,
self-paced tutoring experience with expertly curated materials
to guide you to success in your STEM courses.

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The Semester Plan

Being our most popular and highest value product, the Semester Plan includes detailed chapter Workshops, comprehensive and customized

Exam Reviews, and professor-tailored Mock Exams to assist our students with succeeding in their difficult STEM courses.

If you would like to learn more about our various offered materials, navigate to

our materials


If you are still on the fence about our materials, try us before you buy us!

Below you will find a free sample of the first Workshop for your course.



Semester Plans



Semester Plans


Semester Plans

Introduction to Biology

Semester Plan

What Our Students Say

"I first came to Science Guyz after withdrawing from General Chemistry I. The science classes at UGA are challenging and I felt that I needed additional help to get into the groove of things.  I decided to give Science Guyz a try and ended up getting A’s in the rest of
my pre-medical classes!"

How It Works

Purchase your Semester Plan.


Purchase your Semester Plan using either the links found above or via our Products page.

When checking out, please provide us with the students contact information as email is our primary means of communication. The check out page will request a shipping address, however, we do not intend to send you materials via mail. We record this address for emergency purposes only and

will always contact you before mailing you anything. 

Purchases made within business hours will be input that day, while

purchases made after business hours will be imported the following business day.

Create your account on our streaming website.


Once your Plan is imported, you will receive two emails from us:

1. The first will be a Welcome Email that details the features included in your Semester Plan.

This email includes useful information about the various releases dates of the materials,

accessing Office Hours, navigating the streaming site, and more.

We recommend flagging this email to refer back to throughout the semester

as many common questions are answered within this email. 

2. The second email will be from our streaming site granting you access to

the playlist of videos for your course. If this is your first time using our services,

you will be prompted to create a password to secure your account.


Please only log in to your account on one device.

For piracy concerns, our streaming site monitors I.P. addresses and

will automatically block your account if you attempt to log in on multiple devices. 

Pick up your packets from our store.


Instead of attempting to write all of the notes in the video by hand, stop by our store to

pick up the packet corresponding to the video. All notes and practice problems are

included within the packet for your convenience.


Additionally, most of our Workshop packets include practice problems at the end of the packet

to test your understanding of the content in the Workshop. These problems are designed

similarly to exam style questions so that you can start prepping for your exam immediately.

The keys to these practice problems are uploaded to our streaming site.


Our Organic Chemistry packets also include a cheat sheet at the end of every packet

to be used for quick reference when studying.

Start watching, start learning!


With your packets in hand, you are ready to start watching the Workshop videos!

Within these videos, the tutors not only review the notes included in the packet, but they also verbalize the problem-solving skills and thought-process behind every practice problem. 


Make sure that you are completing these videos before coming into Office Hours

with questions as our tutors create these videos with commonly asked questions in mind.

There is a high chance that your questions are answered within the video.

However, if they are not, start making a list of questions to bring into Office Hours.

An organized student is a successful student!

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