Physical store closed until Fall 2020. We will be all online for Summer 2020.

Questions? Please email us at tutor@scienceguyz.com

Visit https://scienceguyz1.vhx.tv/ to make all purchases for Summer 2020

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Visit https://scienceguyz1.vhx.tv/ to make all purchases for Summer 2020

CHEM 1211/1212/2211/2212 Summer Semester Plan Sign Ups Available Now! 

PHYS 1111/1112 Summer Semester Plan Sign Ups Available Now!

Private tutoring is available to be booked and will be fulfilled via Zoom

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Science Guyz, owned and operated by Austin Harris J.D., Ph.D., has proudly helped University of Georgia and other college students excel in classes such as General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Biology for more than a decade. We offer detailed Workshops over each topic covered in the course, Exam Reviews, Mock Exams, Office Hours, and Private Tutoring. 

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250 West Broad Street, 1st floor

Suite #102

Athens, Georgia 30601

Telephone: 706-552-0777

Email: tutor@scienceguyz.com


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