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About Us

Saving Grades Since 2010

Located in Athens, Georgia, Science Guyz is a tutoring company owned and operated by Austin Harris, J.D., Ph.D. Since 2010, Austin and his team of tutors have proudly helped college students excel in challenging classes such as General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Austin founded Science Guyz after recognizing the unmet demand for chemistry tutors in Athens. Wielding a Ph.D. in Chemistry and later a law degree, both from the University of Georgia, he went about molding the company into a successful venture and an asset for the

academic community in Athens.


What Separates Us From the Rest

At Science Guyz, students are family.

Every staff member is a Bulldawg, and we know the challenges that college life presents: difficult academics, new environments, unique social dynamics, and, for many students, living hundreds of miles from home for the first time. That's why we find importance in establishing relationships with every student that uses Science Guyz tutoring. We believe in investing personally with each student and working alongside them to guide them toward success, because college students are our world's future.

In addition, Science Guyz has more than 10 years of experience developing study materials from UGA exams and quizzes. Unlike our competitors, our materials are continually revised and updated each semester when professors, textbooks, and teaching styles change. Through our years of experience, we have detailed knowledge of the various instructors who teach these courses. As a result, our materials focus on the types of questions each specific instructor asks, so that our students not only learn and understand the material, but also comprehend how to apply it to specific question styles.


Finally, each of our front office staff and tutors is well versed in UGA science courses. Many staff members have taken all of the courses for which we offer study materials, and others have completed Bachelors of Science degrees in fields such as

Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

Meet The Team


Austin Harris

Founder & CEO


Ansley Curran

Front Desk Manager


Kailee Baker

Codirector of Operations, Head of Organic Chemistry


Banks Torgerson

Codirector of Operations, Head of General Chemistry 

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