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What is Science Guyz?

Located in Athens, Georgia, Science Guyz is a tutoring company owned and operated by Austin Harris, J.D., Ph.D. Since 2010, Austin and his team of tutors have proudly helped college students excel in challenging classes such as General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Austin founded Science Guyz after recognizing the unmet demand for chemistry tutors in Athens. Wielding a Ph.D. in Chemistry and later a law degree, both from the University of Georgia, he went about molding the company into a successful venture and an asset for the academic community in Athens.

Why should I choose SG?

At Science Guyz, students are family.

Every staff member is a Bulldawg, and we know the challenges that college life presents: difficult academics, new environments, unique social dynamics, and, for many students, living hundreds of miles from home for the first time. That's why we find importance in establishing relationships with every student that uses Science Guyz tutoring. We believe in investing personally with each student and working alongside them to guide them toward success, because college students are our world's future.

In addition, Science Guyz has more than 10 years of experience developing study materials from UGA exams and quizzes. Unlike our competitors, our materials are continually revised and updated each semester when professors, textbooks, and teaching styles change. Through our years of experience, we have detailed knowledge of the various instructors who teach these courses. As a result, our materials focus on the types of questions each specific instructor asks, so that our students not only learn and understand the material, but also comprehend how to apply it to specific question styles.


Finally, each of our front office staff and tutors is well versed in UGA science courses. Many staff members have taken all of the courses for which we offer study materials, and others have completed Bachelors of Science degrees in fields such as Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, and Biology. 

What courses are tutored?

Currently, we offer tutoring materials for Basics of Chemistry, General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Physics I & II, and Biology I.


We offer private tutoring sessions for all of the above, as well as Calculus I, II, & III, Honors Chemistry I & II, and Chemistry 1210. Please reach out if you are interested in tutoring for another course.

What services do you offer?


Semester Plans

Semester plans are designed as a cost-saving option for students who will use Science Guyz the whole semester, and not just for topics they need help on. For a one-time fee, students will have access to all Workshops, Exam Reviews, and Mock Exams that are released throughout the semester, in addition to office hours every week. See below for a description of each item. To purchase a Semester Plan, visit our Products page.


Semester Plan costs:

       General / Organic Chemistry: $250

       Physics: $150

       Biology: $150


Workshops are individual study packets for each chapter or topic that a class covers. Each packet is paired with a corresponding video that explains the concepts and practice problems that are included in the Workshop, and can be purchased in store for $22.99. Once purchased, the video can be watched at home for 72 hours following purchase. Semester Plan students will have access to all Workshop videos for the duration of the semester; however, packets will still need to be picked up in person. 

Exam Reviews

Exam Reviews are thorough reviews of all material to be included on the upcoming exam. These reviews cover content in detail and include numerous practice problems, all of which are unique from those included in chapter workshops. Exam Reviews can be purchased individually, but are also included in the Semester Plan. Please visit our store to pick up the Exam Review packet; the video can be accessed at home. 


Mock Exams

Mock exams are full-length practice tests, and are only offered for our Chemistry and Biology courses. They are designed with the intention that students will set a time limit and complete them without notes or the textbook to accurately test their knowledge. The keys for these mock exams can be found on the streaming site. Students are encouraged to complete the mock exam prior to the exam in time to attend office hours or private tutoring for any questions that may arise.

Office Hours

Office Hours are set times during the week when tutors will be available for students to drop in for specific questions, homework help, or general concept tutoring. Office Hours are only available for students who have purchased a semester plan. There will be both in person and online options for Office Hours in all classes. Please see the master calendar for details on in person and online opportunities. 

​Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is available for all students, regardless of what services they have purchased, and is conducted through Zoom for $35/hour. Students can schedule these 1-on-1 appointments with a tutor of their choosing through Book a Private Tutor. To find out more about each tutor, visit our Tutor page. Zoom links will be emailed out to the student prior to each session.

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