Why Choose Science Guyz?

Science Guyz provides students with:

1) Carefully crafted material developed by Austin Harris, J.D., Ph.D. Austin founded Science Guyz in 2010 after recognizing a demand for chemistry tutors in Athens that was not being met. Wielding a Ph.D. in Chemistry and later a law degree, both from the University of Georgia, he went about molding the company into a successful venture and an asset for the academic community in Athens.

2) Comprehensive videos designed by tutors that go over each Workshop we provide. Most of the Workshop videos can be completed in around an hour to an hour and a half. The videos include both visual and auditory explanations for the content covered, accounting for different learning styles.

3) A physical study space at a convenient downtown location. The space can be used to watch videos, attend office hours, or just used as an off-campus study area!

4) Consistent office hours for each class provided by carefully selected tutoring staff who excelled in their respective classes.

6) More than 10 years of experience developing materials. Our Workshops are continually updated and revised. Through our years of experience, we have detailed knowledge of the various instructors who teach these courses. As a result, our materials focus on the types of questions each specific instructor asks.

6) The most complete academic support package around! We offer Workshops that go over each chapter covered in your course, Exam Reviews before each one of your major exams, Mock Exams to mimic the length and style of your exams, and materials to help prepare you for the lab final portion of your class.

Most notably, Science Guyz has a proven track record of working with students at UGA. Whatever your academic needs, Science Guyz has your back!


250 West Broad Street, 1st floor

Suite #102

Athens, Georgia 30601

Telephone: 706-552-0777

Email: tutor@scienceguyz.com


Business Hours


For current hours, click on the Calendar link at the top of the page.

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