Meet Our Staff!



Austin Harris, J.D., Ph.D.

Science Guyz Owner

Organic Chemistry 2211 and 2212


Austin founded Science Guyz in 2010 after recognizing a demand for organic chemistry tutors in Athens that was not being met. Wielding a Ph.D. in Chemistry and later a law degree, both from the University of Georgia, he went about molding the company into a successful venture and an asset for the academic community in Athens. Throughout the evolution of Science Guyz, Austin has kept steadfast focus on making sure that the company is student-centered before anything else. Though he possesses many skills, it has been Harris's natural drive as a motivational educator that has helped countless undergraduates navigate their paths towards academic success. 

Banks Torgerson

Store Manager

Head Biology 1107 Tutor

Chemistry 1211 & 1212


Banks graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia in May 2019 with his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology. As an undergraduate, Banks served as a student TA in the Principles of Biology sequence for three semesters and was thus exposed to the teaching styles of multiple professors. Banks also conducted undergraduate research in Biology education, served as a Franklin College Student Ambassador, represented the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences at various events throughout the university, and participated as a member of the Pi Kappa Beta honor society. He loves helping students develop problem-solving skills that are required to be successful in STEM classes. In Fall 2021, he will begin working towards his MPH in Epidemiology at UGA.


Kailee Baker

Store Manager

Head OChem Tutor

Organic Chemistry 2211 and 2212 

Kailee graduated from the University of Georgia in May 2019 with her Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She then went on to graduate from the University of Kentucky with her Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences in December 2020.  
As an undergraduate, she spent time investigating the mammalian innate immune response to coronaviruses. As a graduate student, she studied the synthesis of various opioids. While at UGA, Kailee discovered her passion for helping others succeed in difficult STEM courses and has returned to ScienceGuyz to continue doing what she loves. Outside of academics, she enjoys adventuring with her pup, Oliver. 


Megan McArthur

Head GenChem Tutor

Chemistry 1210, 1211, and 1212 

Megan graduated magna cum laude from The University of Georgia in May 2020 with her Bachelor of Science in Biology. Megan achieved the high honor of making Dean's List every semester since beginning her studies at UGA. In undergrad, she conducted research in the biochemistry department, where she focused on using stem cells to mitigate the effects of Salt and Pepper Syndrome, and also volunteered at both St. Mary's Hospital and the Miranda Faith Foundation, the latter of which is a Christ-centered organization that provides backpacks full of school supplies to underprivileged children. Megan looks forward to using her past tutoring experience and deep content knowledge to help other UGA students excel in their science courses. In Fall 2021, Megan will begin medical school at Mercer University.

Ben Hultquist

General Chemistry 1211 and 1212

Honors Chemistry I and II

Ben is a fourth year Biology major at the University of Georgia. He plans to attend medical school after graduation. Ben does undergraduate research in STEM education and uses this background to help students achieve their goals in Chemistry. When not in class, Ben spends his time volunteering at various organizations in the Athens area, including Piedmont Athens Regional, hospice care, and the Thomas Lay After School Program.

Angela Neal

General Chemistry 1211 and 1212

Angela is a fourth year Cellular Biology major at the University of Georgia. She has been awarded the Dean's List for each of her semesters at UGA. She plans to pursue a career in medicine as a physician. Outside of the classroom, Angela is an intern at Athens Nurses Clinic where she helps provide medical services free of cost to underprivileged people in Athens and its surrounding counties. In her free time she loves to play instruments and is a member of the University Philharmonia at UGA. Angela has a passion for learning, teaching, and helping others in any way that she can!

Hayden Suggs

Biology 1107 and 1108

Hayden is a fourth year Biology major at The University of Georgia where he conducts his own research study in the Department of Kinesiology about the effects of nontraditional exercise on the human metabolism. He volunteers as a Peer Learning Assistant in the undergraduate Biology department and coaches wrestling as an Assistant Head Coach for Clarke Central High School. Hayden plans to apply to medical schools next year in his pursuit of a career in orthopedic surgery.

Niki Chen

Organic Chemistry 2211 and 2212

Niki is a third year majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Nutritional Sciences at The University of Georgia. As a Research Assistant in the Bone & Body Composition Laboratory, she is currently studying the effects that protein foods have on bone strength and cognition. Niki has maintained the academic status of Presidential Scholar as part of the Honors Program for each of her semesters thus far at UGA, and she hopes to attend dental school after undergrad to continue pursuing her love of science. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors through hiking and mountain biking. One of Niki's biggest passions is working to raise money for Alzheimer's Research through the organization she founded called UGA ManiCUREs for Alzheimer's. To get a manicure done for a charitable cause, check out her Instagram at @ugam4a!

Daniel Desena

Head Physics Tutor

Physics 1111 and 1112

Calculus I, II, and III


Daniel is a third year at the University of Georgia and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Physics as well as in Mathematics. He is also a Russian minor, taking specific interest in the language. He has conducted research in number theory here in the math department at UGA. After graduation, he plans to pursue a masters and PhD in theoretical physics. Although he spends most of his time studying, Daniel has played competitive chess and considers himself a coffee connoisseur.

Arjun Bhatt

Physics 1111 and 1112

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Elements of Physiology

Arjun is a senior at the University of Georgia studying Applied Biotechnology and Psychology. After graduating he intends to pursue management and strategy consulting within the healthcare and public health sectors. Arjun is passionate about translational research and enjoys applying his current knowledge base to solve real-world challenges in innovative and creative ways. Since freshman year, he has worked with Dr. Tripp in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Dr. Kvitko in the Department of Plant Pathology. After being selected to the highly prestigious summer research program at the MD Anderson Cancer Research Institute in Texas, he is now remotely working with Dr. Peterson in the Behavioral Sciences Department at MDA. He has also been the recipient of numerous accolades, including the Outstanding Junior in Applied Biotechnology Award, CAES Global Citizen Award, and the Presidential Scholar Award. Outside of school, Arjun enjoys spending time with friends, going to the gym, and exploring new places.

Jamie McClellan

General Chemistry 1211 and 1212

Jamie is a third year Biology major and History minor at the University of Georgia Honors College. Each semester that he has attended UGA, Jamie has achieved recognition as either a Presidential Scholar or member of the Dean’s List. After graduation, Jamie 

plans on attending medical school with hopes of pursuing a career in military medicine. 

At the University he serves as an Advisor/Advocate with the University Judiciary where he works presenting cases on behalf of the University or advising students through the conduct process. Jamie also volunteers at his local church, St. Stephen’s Anglican Catholic Church. Jamie is the Vice President of the UGA Men’s Rugby team and works in the Regenerative Bioscience Center with research centering on the application of stem cells to male-factor infertility. He hopes to help students and offer advice as they navigate through the chemistry department at UGA.

Office Staff

Camille Pitchford

Camille is a third year Exercise and Sports Science major from Dothan, AL with plans of pursuing a career in medicine. Throughout her time at UGA, Camille has been involved in a number of organizations including WIT, Cru, SOUL, Wishmakers on Campus, Greek life, Undergraduate Pediatric Society, and the ambassador program for the Mary Frances Early College of Education. After she made it through CHEM 1211 with the help of Science Guyz, she knew that those were the people that she wanted to surround herself with in a job setting too. Camille says, “A big a reason I chose to work at Science Guyz was to help students like myself who were in over their heads. Science at UGA is difficult, and the adjustments you make in college are difficult. I wanted to be that smiling face that made those difficulties just a little bit easier.” If she’s not studying or working at Science Guyz, you can find Camille “coaching” the dawgs from the student section!

Taylor Brown

Taylor is a fourth year Biological Engineering student at the University of Georgia. She is also in her first year of a STEM MBA program pursuing a Master’s degree in Business. After graduation from her Master’s program she plans on working in the biomedical device field, or working in Children’s prosthetics. After gaining work experience, her ultimate goal is to attend medical school and specialize in Orthopedics. Outside of academics, Taylor is an active member of Gamma Phi Beta, Vice President of the women’s club soccer team, and a member of two engineering societies. In her free time, Taylor enjoys volunteering as a mentor in the Athens community, running, and spending time with friends.

Anna Beth Barber

Anna Beth is a third year student at UGA majoring in Avian Biology. In addition to working at Science Guyz, Anna Beth is a part of the Redcoat Marching Band - so you might just find her on the field between the hedges! She also helps in the Avian Behaviors laboratory and interns at the UGA Large Animal Hospital. After she completes her undergrad degree, she plans on going to veterinary school and practicing veterinary medicine. Anna Beth completed Chemistry 1211 and 1212 with the help of Science Guyz and is now taking the daunting Organic Chemistry with the help of Science Guyz! Anna Beth says “I am right there with all of you! The sciences are hard, but with the help of Science Guyz I have been able to succeed! I love working in such a caring and helpful facility.” 

Dan Zlatopolsky

Daniel is a third year student at the University of Georgia. He plans on graduating in 2022 with his Bachelor of Science in Biology. In addition to working the front desk at Science Guyz for the past two years, he also conducts research in the Brain and Action Laboratory, a sensorimotor neurological laboratory. Daniel aspires to go to medical school and become a physician after his time at UGA. 

Sarah Coleman Causey

Sarah Coleman is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Health Promotion and minoring in Spanish. She plans to attend Physician Assistant school after completing her undergraduate degree. As a PA, SC wishes to use her Spanish to work with immigrant populations. Outside of school, SC is involved in the Pre-PA club at UGA and volunteers at Oasis tutoring. In her free time, she enjoys biking, hiking, reading, and cooking. SC conquered OChem with the help of Science Guyz! She says, "I could not have made it through without them!"