Refunds and Transfers


Refunds are only available for Semester Plans, and only to students who have withdrawn from that respective course.

Proof of withdrawal must be submitted within 6 months of the date of withdrawal for refunds to be honored.

Now that our materials are offered exclusively online, refund amounts are prorated depending upon the date of refund request. At this date and time, the prorated amount will be determined by the number of tutoring materials made available to the student thus far in the semester; this amount is NOT based on what materials you have consumed, but rather what we have released on the Semester Plan playlist up until that point. We deduct $20 for each workshop released and $30 for each Exam Review. Refunds will be issued on the last date of the current semester.

The reason behind this policy is that we no longer have the ability to determine

which materials a student has downloaded and/or utilized.


We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter going forward!



Transferring a Semester Plan purchase is an option for students who plan to retake the course they have withdrawn from. The transfer exists as a credit, which gives the student access to a full Semester Plan for the course at any time in the future.

To activate your transfer credit, contact us by email or phone.