Refunds and Transfers


Now that tutoring materials are available electronically, the process for returns has changed. Unfortunately this is more complicated than it used to be, but that is because only the website company can terminate Semester Plan subscriptions and issue refunds; we are unable to do this on our end. We appreciate your patience in this matter going forward!


Refunds will be prorated depending upon the date of refund request. At this time, the prorated amount will be determined by the number of tutoring materials made available to the student thus far in the semester.

To request a prorated refund, please follow these directions:

1. Access the new website:

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the Help link

3. Click "How do I get a refund?"

4. Click the blue link "Contact us"

5. Select an issue from the drop down menu

6. Click "Still need help? Click here to message support."

7. Describe the product you purchased, your situation, and state that you would like a refund

8. Send the message

9. From your email account, send an email to stating that you have completed steps 1-8, and attach a screenshot of proof of withdrawal from the course (i.e. Athena or UGA Mail).


Transferring a Semester Plan purchase is an option for students who plan to retake the course they have withdrawn from. The transfer exists as a credit, which gives the student access to a full Semester Plan for the course at any time in the future. To transfer a purchased Semester Plan, please follow these directions:

1. From your email account, send an email to stating that you would like to transfer your Semester Plan to a future semester. Attach to this email a screenshot of proof of withdrawal from the course (i.e. Athena).

2. To activate your transfer credit, contact us by email or phone.


Refunds and transfers of Semester Plans are not available to students who do not withdraw from their respective course(s).

Semester Plans are eligible for refund or transfer up to six (6) months after the last day of withdrawal.


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