1) The Semester Plan Student:


The Semester Plan covers the full range or our services. You get: Chapter/topic Workshops (appx. 10 Workshops per course), All Exam Review Sessions, Practice Exams before each exam, a Final Exam Review Session, other course-specific study materials, AND Office Hours hosted by our Tutors for up to 25 hours per week

Price varies depending on course. Click here to explore our different course offerings and course-specific prices. 

                   ***This is our most popular and cost-effective plan***


     2) The Independent Study Student:


Students who do not participate in a Semester Plan are welcome to come into our office on a Workshop-by-Workshop basis or for Exam Reviews.  All individual Workshops and Exam Reviews are $20 each.  Practice Exams vary in price by course. The 20+ weekly Office Hours with our tutors are not available for Independent Study Students.


     3) The Private Tutoring Student:


Students are also welcome to set up Private Tutoring Appointments with our Tutors, based on availability. From the home page, choose "Book a Private Tutor" to check availability. Note that Private Tutor availability is typically reduced during the summer semesters. 


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Telephone: 706-723-8436

Email: tutor@scienceguyz.com


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