Fall 2021

We are so excited for our Fall 2021 semester; we have spent the summer redesigning all of our materials to reflect curriculum changes and include additional practice problems. Please see below for specific announcements. 

How will Science Guyz look in Fall 2021?


Science Guyz will be taking a hybrid approach to the Fall 2021 semester. Students will pick up their Workshop packets during normal business hours (Sunday - Thursday 3 - 8 PM and Friday 3 - 6 PM) and be able to access video content at home. Packets will NOT be posted online under any circumstances. Students will be required to show identification in order to pick up their packets. 


We will have a release schedule posted to our master calendar that will let you know when every Workshop is available for pick up. Note that these will be released on a weekly basis, which means some may be released before your class gets to the next chapter. 

How will Office Hours work?


Office hours will be conducted half online and half in person. More information on how this will work will be announced the first week of classes. This allows students who enjoy virtual learning to continue, while also accommodating those who prefer in-person learning. 

Where is the Science Guyz store located?


The Science Guyz store front is located at 250 W Broad Street STE 102 Athens, GA 30601. It is next to the GameDay hotel and about a 5 - 7 minute walk from the arch downtown.


I want to use Science Guyz but I am more interested in making individual purchases, can I still do this?


Yes. However, you will no longer be able to make individual purchases from the streaming site. You must come in store during normal business hours to make individual purchases and pick up packets. Once you have made the purchase in store, you will be granted access to watch the video online. You will have a three day window to watch the videos on the streaming site for all individual purchases.


Semester plan students will have access to all video content for the entire semester but will still have to come to the store to pick up the physical packets. 


What about Private Tutoring sessions? 


There will be booking options for in-person and online private tutoring sessions. Please see booking availability for each on the website. More details about in-person tutoring will be available after August 9th. 

When do Science Guyz Semester Plans go on sale for Fall 2021?


Fall 2021 purchases will begin August 9th, 2021. There is an early bird special for all CHEM semester plans: they will be $230 until August 18th, 2021. After the CHEM semester plans will go back to the normal price of $250. 


All BIOL and PHYS Semester Plans will be $150 for the Fall 2021 semester.