Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Semester Plan Raffle Giveaway

Purchase your Semester Plan by January 10th, 2022 to be entered in a Refund Raffle!

The winners of this Raffle will be refunded the cost of their Semester Plan purchase, up to a $250 value.


How will Science Guyz look in Spring 2022?

Science Guyz will continue to take a hybrid approach to the Spring 2022 semester. Students will pick up their Workshop packets during normal business hours (Sunday - Thursday 2 - 8 PM and Friday 2 - 5 PM) and be able to access video content at home. Packets will NOT be posted online under any circumstances. Students will be required to show identification in order to pick up their packets. 

We will post a release schedule to our master calendar that will let you know when every Workshop is available for pick up. Note that these will be released on a weekly basis, which means some may be released before your class gets to the next chapter. 

FAQ - Can I pick up all of my packets at once? 

What sets Science Guyz apart from other tutoring companies is that we are a LIVE service and our products are continually being updated behind the scenes. If we released all of our workshops at once, the packets would be outdated. Releasing the Workshops as you encounter the content in the class allows for our materials to undergo multiple revision cycles before being released. This ensures that you are receiving the most up-to-date content for your class. We appreciate your understanding of this. 

How will Office Hours work?

Based on feedback we received from our Fall 2021 students, Office hours will continue to be conducted half online and half in person. This allows students who enjoy virtual learning to continue, while also accommodating those who prefer in-person learning. The specific schedule for each class will be posted to our Master Calendar. 

​Where is the Science Guyz store located?

The Science Guyz store front is located at 250 W Broad Street STE 102 Athens, GA 30601. It is next to the GameDay hotel and about a 5 - 7 minute walk from the Arch downtown. There are multiple UGA bus routes that can drop you off at the Arch.

Where can I park when I come to Science Guyz?

We recommend that you stop by while you are already on campus for class, as you can simply take a bus to the Arch and walk a few blocks down to our store. However, if you would like to drive over to us, there are many parking options available.

Whether you are stopping by for a quick visit (packet pick-up) or for longer visits (Office Hours), you can use downtown metered parking. If you are visiting us after 6PM, UGA lot W16 is located across the street from Science Guyz and you can pay to park using their ParkMobile app.

I want to use Science Guyz but I am more interested in making individual purchases, can I still do this?

Yes, you are still able to make individual purchases from the streaming site. However, to access the corresponding packet, you must come in store during normal business hours to pick them up. Once you have made the purchase in store or online, you will be granted access to watch the video online for one week from your purchase date. 

Semester plan students will have access to all video content for the entire semester but will still have to come to the store to pick up the physical packets. 


What about Private Tutoring sessions? 

We have introduced booking options for in-person and online private tutoring sessions. Please see our booking website for tutor availability. 


What is the cost of a Spring 2022 Semester Plan?

All Chemistry Semester Plans are $250 for the Spring 2022 semester. 

All Biology and Physics Semester Plans are $150 for the Spring 2022 semester.