CHEM 1211: General Chemistry I


Semester Plan


A cost-saving option for students who will use Science Guyz the whole semester, and not just for topics they need help on. For a one-time fee, students will have access to all workshops, progress check previews, exam reviews, and mock exams that are released throughout the semester, in addition to office hours Mon - Thurs 5 - 8 PM every week.




Workshops are individual study packets for each chapter or topic that a class covers. Each packet is paired with a corresponding video that explains the concepts and practice problems that are included in the workshop. Videos are created by our tutors. 

To purchase an individual workshop, click on the link below:



Exam Reviews


Exam reviews are thorough reviews of all material to be included on the upcoming exam. These reviews cover content in detail and include numerous practice problems, all of which are unique from those included in chapter workshops. 

To purchase an individual exam review, click on the link below:


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