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Semester Plan

Not currently available.

A cost-saving option for students who will use Science Guyz the whole semester, and not just for topics they need help on. For a one-time fee, students will have access to all workshops and exam reviews that are released throughout the semester, in addition to office hours every week. Final exam reviews are not offered because the course is not cumulative.



Workshops are individual study packets for each chapter or topic that a class covers. 

To purchase a workshop, click on the respective link below:

Introduction to Biology

Carbon, Functional Groups, & Carbohydrates

Cell & Organelle Basics

Cellular Respiration

Chemistry Foundations

DNA & Genetic Technology

Endomembrane System & Membrane Transport

Genes & Protein Synthesis

Lipids, Nucleic Acids, & Proteins

Meiosis & Mendelian Genetics


Probability & Inheritance

Properties of Water

The Cell Cycle & Mitosis

Thermodynamics, Energy, & Enzymes

Exam Reviews


Exam reviews are thorough reviews of all material to be included on the upcoming exam. These reviews cover content in detail and include a full-length practice test to help you prepare for each exam.

To purchase an exam review, click on the respective link below:

Exam Review 1

Exam Review 2

Exam Review 3

Exam Review 4


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