Banks Torgerson

Head Biology 1107 Tutor

Store Manager


Banks graduated Magna cum laude from the University of Georgia in May 2019 with his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He is currently applying to medical schools and completing training as a Medical Assistant. As an undergraduate, Banks served as a student TA in the Principles of Biology sequence for three semesters and was thus exposed to the teaching styles of multiple professors. Banks also conducted undergraduate research in Biology education, served as a Franklin College Student Ambassador, represented the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences at various events throughout the university, and participated as a member of the Pi Kappa Beta honor society. He loves helping students develop problem-solving skills that are required to be successful in STEM classes.


Telephone: 706-723-8436


25o W Broad Street

1st floor Suite 102

Athens, GA 30601

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