Austin Harris, J.D., Ph.D.

Science Guyz Owner

Organic Chemistry 2211 and 2212


Austin founded Science Guyz in 2010 after recognizing a demand for organic chemistry tutors in Athens that was not being met. Wielding a Ph.D. in Chemistry and later a law degree, both from the University of Georgia, he went about molding the company into a successful venture and an asset for the academic community in Athens. Throughout the evolution of Science Guyz, Austin has kept steadfast focus on making sure that the company is student-centered before anything else. Though he possesses many skills, it has been Harris's natural drive as a motivational educator that has helped countless undergraduates navigate their paths towards academic success. 


250 West Broad Street, 1st floor

Suite #102

Athens, Georgia 30601

Telephone: 706-723-8436



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